Service With EIM

Ebenezer International Missions
Short Term Service Information

We are so excited that you are interested in serving with EIM. We hope this is an issue in which you have invested much thought and prayer. Following you will find guidelines and requirements for service with EIM, along with some suggestions that may make your trip more comfortable and successful. 

EIM does not accept applications from individuals under the age of 13. Individuals ages 13-15 may participate in short term service with EIM if accompanied by a parent and with a written recommendation from their pastor which includes a statement regarding their spiritual maturity. Individuals 16-17 may participate if accompanied by a parent, or designated guardian and with a written recommendation from their pastor which includes a statement regarding their spiritual maturity.


1. All persons planning to take part in a short-term team must complete the “EIM Service Application.” (EIMapplication)

2. Once the application is completed, it should be sent to EIM at least 90 days prior to your planned departure date. The application may be sent by regular mail, or it may be scanned and emailed to EIM. Respective addresses are as follows:

Ebenezer International Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 606
Milan, TN 38358

3. In addition to the application, the applicant should sign and return the
doctrinal belief statement and code of conduct attached to the application. This should be returned along with the application.

4. Go to and enroll for supplemental travel insurance. This is not supplemental health insurance. This insurance covers things such as emergency evacuations, etc.

5. The following should accompany your application:

• A deposit in the amount of $250. This deposit goes toward helping to offset the expenses of setting up your trip and travel expenses incurred by Haile as he coordinates the trip. The deposit may be paid by check, money order, or by PayPal, on this website.

• A copy of your passport. Your passport expiration date should be at least 6 months past the expected date of your return to the United States.

• A copy of your medical insurance card.

• Verification of supplemental travel insurance with Gallagher.

EIM will verify receipt of your completed application shortly after we receive it.


Dress Code

Men should wear long pants (jeans or slacks) at all times when outside the privacy of the sleeping quarters. No tank tops, or sleeveless shirts. Shorts should generally not be worn while performing ministry work. An exception to this would be if the missionary were working with young people and participating in some type of recreational activity. When preaching in a church setting, men are expected to wear a tie and dress shirt, at a minimum. A sports coat is also preferred.

Ladies may wear appropriate pants, slacks, or capris. Blouses may be sleeveless but no spaghetti straps. Shorts should generally not be worn except in the privacy of sleeping area. Ladies are expected to wear dresses, or skirts to all church type settings. Dresses should be at least knee-length. Clothing that shows cleavage is unacceptable.

Please do not wear clothing bearing offensive, or controversial slogans, statements, or emblems. Wearing of expensive jewelry, or a lot of jewelry of any type, is not advisable. Also, it is not advisable to wear clothing that readily identifies you as an American (flags, etc. on your clothing). Among certain groups in foreign countries this could draw unwanted attention.


Suggested Items To Bring

• Clothes – cool, comfortable, casual – modest – Sufficient for entire trip – Laundry services may, or may not be available depending on where you stay. Check with your team leader for details.
• Shoes – comfortable – suitable for walking/standing – may want extra socks & shoes in case one pair gets wet.
• Sweater or light jacket
• Bible
• Insect repellant
• Anti-bacterial hand gel/towelettes
• Mirror, soap, wash rag, towels, personal toiletries. Depending on the facilities where you stay, some of these items may be provided. Check with your team leader for details.
• Medications (Extra glasses)
• Bathroom Tissue (Always good to have a roll while working in the field. You never know.)
• Flashlight
• Umbrella/rain gear/water proof shoes
• Ear Plugs
• Camera
• Passport – (We recommend you put copies in your suitcase in case it gets misplaced in transport.)
• Spending Money – (See comments under “Costs”)
• Linens – sheets, pillow case, pillow, blanket or sleeping bag. Depending on the facilities where you stay, some of these items may be provided. Check with your team leader for details.
• Expensive jewelry & electronics not recommended
• A small backpack, or book bag to carry items that you take with you while in the field performing ministry.
• An absolute must is an electrical converter/adapter for use with all of your electrical devices. Your electrical devices will not work in Ethiopia without a converter.



• Check with your airline for restrictions on the size and weight of your luggage. Generally, airlines will allow you one, or two check bags and a carry-on. Additional bags, or bags over the weight limit will incur additional fees. Usually check bags can be no larger than a total of 62 linear inches.
• Most airlines allow you one carry-on bag in addition to the check bag(s). The carry-on bags are also subject to size and weight restrictions. They must fit into the overhead bins of the airplane. Check with your airline carrier for details.
• Airlines usually allow you one 1 personal bag (purse, fanny pack, small book bag, etc.) in addition to the check bags and carry-on. This bag must fit under the seat in front of you. Check with your airline carrier for details.
• It is recommended that you put your name & address on the outside of each bag .
• It is recommended that you place a copy of passport in each of your bags.
• Liquids & gels placed in the carry-on cannot be more than max. 3.4 oz per item. It is recommended that all such items should fit into one quart size zip-lock bag. Larger quantities may be placed in your check bags.
• It is recommended that you place a change of clothes, meds., items of importance in your carry-on.



• The facilities where you stay may vary, depending on where you go and what your mission involves. Check with your team leader for details concerning your facilities.



The total cost of your trip may vary depending on your length of stay, the facilities where you stay, airline costs, and your personal spending habits. Usually, a ten-day trip will cost between $2,500 and $3,000, including the EIM deposit and supplemental insurance. The biggest variable is usually the cost of airline travel. Again, check with your team leader for details concerning the costs.

Team Leader Trip Planning

Things to consider
– cost for in-country travel
– equipment (sound system, etc.)
– facilities availability

Items of Note

• Gifts – There are times when you may want to give a gift to one of the translators, or just someone you meet while in Ethiopia. While you have good intentions, gift giving can sometimes create problems and strife, due to personal and cultural dynamics of which you may not be aware. Before giving a gift, please consult with Haile, because he will be aware of situations and cultural issues that might turn a well intended gift into a point of contention.

• Promises – Please do not make promises to pastors, churches, or other individuals concerning things you plan to do for them in the future. Unkept, or misinformed promises can cause significant issues for Haile, EIM, and the cause of Christ. If you feel compelled to provide services, funding, or ministry, please discuss this with Haile and EIM Directors. Then Haile can offer the goods, services, or ministry to the appropriate person, and in the appropriate manner.

• Toilets – In some places that you stay the plumbing cannot handle items being flushed down the toilet. In those places, there will be a basket, or can located near the toilet where toilet paper, feminine products should be placed. In other places it may be perfectly fine to flush. Check with your trip leader to confirm whether items can be flushed in the facility where you are staying.