Haile and Tsedale were faithful to God’s call on their lives, and God has proven Himself faithful in blessing their ministry.  Their ministry has expanded into many areas including; a school, a print shop, pastors’ conferences, church planting, crusades, Bible distribution, and evangelistic outreach. In recent years short-term mission teams have been involved in street preaching, pastors’ conferences, prison and university ministries, and distribution of thousands of Bibles.  In addition, medical exams were provided for all of the children at the school and new churches have been started. Tens of thousands of people have been saved in Ethiopia and South Sudan due to the efforts of the short-term mission teams alone. God is truly doing a tremendous work through this ministry.

The “cup” is truly running over, and God has blessed in such a tremendous way that, in January of 2017, the decision was made to form Ebenezer International Ministries, Inc., which is controlled by a board of directors. The function of Ebenezer International Ministries is to place all of Haile and Tsedale’s ministries under one umbrella; to assist with planning and development; to provide oversight, continuity, and accountability; and to provide a central hub for the promotion of the Ministry and the collection and distribution of funds.